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Corrupt my Soul

1. Name: Ashley Val-A (Vuhlay. Short for Valerie Ann)
2. Age: 17. I turn 18 next sunday.

3. Location: Omaha, Nebraska

4. 5 favorite movies: Welcome To The Dollhouse, Drop Dead Fred, Resident Evil: Apocolypse, Edward Scissor Hands, The Fifth Element

5. 5 favorite bands: M83, NIN, Aphex Twin, VAST, Ours. This list could go on a long ways though.

6. 5 favorite books: ALL of the Resident Evil Novels. The Giver, When She Was Good...hrm. Can't seem to think of any others. I don't have very many chances to read a good book, but I do like reccomendations.

7. One Unique thing about you: I see beauty in all things. In todays world, that quality is lacking. So I appreciate it.

8. Name 2 bands or singers whose Lyrics have shaped you: Trent Reznor has amazing lyrics. I think The Fragile was one of the best albums with the lyrics. Somehow in certain circumstances just a sentence can mean the world. One thing can shape so many emotions. I like that in life, it keeps things simple.
Another would have to be Bette Midler. As cheesy as that may be, she really puts a lot of emotion into her work. But maybe i'm just silly.

9. List 2 lyrics that describe you:
NIN - The Fragile.
I don't entirely live my life by lyrics anymore. If you agree that sometimes a peice of instrumental can really bring out something in you, I use that as something to describe me.
M83 - Be Wild. No lyrics, but the

10. What is your goal in life: To fulfill all dreams i've dreamt. To prove to people that life can be wonderful. (As religious as that sounds, I mean it gracefully. )
To make music, to shape lives for the better, to be young and loving and full of life. I'm a huge spiritualist, so I try to take things the best way possible. I'm really an indepth person who likes to enjoy life as well as bitch and complain like any other human being.

I've got a solid grip on a lot of things, figured i'd point that out. Wouldn't want you to go completely without knowing a bit about me.
And hey, if you're curious on anything at all. Feel free to question.


heh, i'm a huge Resident Evil Fan..

Me and my boyfriend Christopher, who i've been with for almost 9 months. heee. The things in life that make you happy..

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