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Corrupt my soul.

1. Name:  Beki Eaton
2. Age:  17
3. Location: Wigan - England
4. 5 favorite movies:  million dollar baby, devils rejects, house of a 1000 corpses, 8 mile & my girl
5. 5 favorite bands:  rob zombie, horrorpops, billy talent, i am ghost & tiger army
6. 5 favorite books: angels and demons, molly moons incredible book of hypnotism, cider with rosie, da vinci code & along came a spider
7. One Unique thing about you: Nothing is unique about me. theres bits of everone in me. im shaped by society
8. Name 2 bands or singers whose Lyrics have shaped you: Billy talent. & Tina Turner.
9. List 2 lyrics that describe you: "5 needle injection, stroked on skin with affection" & "Searching until my hands bleed, thisnt belong to me"
10. What is your goal in life: To become a photographer for vogue or elle magazine.

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