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Corrupt My Soul.


1. Name: Cori

2. Age: 17

3. Location: Charlotte, North Carolina.

4. 5 favorite movies: Carrie, Nightmare Before Christmas, From Hell, Secret Window, Saw, etc.

5. 5 favorite bands: Streifte Geist, Imperative Reaction, Lacuna Coil, Inkubus Sukkubus, Linkin Park, Lollipop Lust Kill, Ian Van Dahl, etc.

6. 5 favorite books: Laurell K. Hamilton's "Anita Blake" Series, Stephen King's "The Shining", Spirited Away, etc.

7. One Unique thing about you: Brutally Honest.

8. Name 2 bands or singers whose Lyrics have shaped you: Linkin Park, Lollipop Lust Kill.

9. List 2 lyrics that describe you:

(1)So what should i do
Just lay next to you
As though i'm unaffected

"Unaffected" Hoobastank.

(2) Now that we have seized you and pleased you
Come alive and murder your senses
Find yourself knee deep in the dead

"Knee Deep in the Dead" Lollipop Lust Kill.

10. What is your goal in life: Write novels. Become a Veterinarian.

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ok since your a fellow anita blake fan....i have a 2 part question. which was your favorite book and why? and just for fun...which of her boytoys would you bang?
1) Blue Moon; Anita get's far more sexual and more involved in the werewolf pack - due to her being minorly possessed by Raina. I loved that.

2) Jean-Claude's my main man. O'course there are others also. xD
that was a very good book. i had to have a cigarette after the part where she nearly got raped by the entire pack and finally banged Richard. it was so fucking hot!

of course you get a yes dear!
Hell yeah! I nearly splooged my pants. Lol. xD
Who/what influenced you to become a vet? Was it a person, an experience, or what exactly?
Well I Love animals and I get this sharp feeling when hear about or see animals being abused or in pain - so I thought I'd like to relinquish their pain - one way or another.
vet questions:

What are your thoughts on euthanasia? (for the sick, the mean, the old and the unwanted animals)

How do you feel about things such as declawing cats, cropping ears and docking tails?

Do you think you'd be able to cut heads off of dead animals to send out for a rabies test, or perform necropsies on animals to find out how they died?

Sorry there are so many questions!

the vet tech
1) I beleive in Euthanasia for the animals that are suffering in some way; when it would end their pain and anguish.

2) Declawing Cats, Cropping Ears, and Docking Tails in truth make me sick. I don't like the thought of it. Unless there is a health reason for it, it shoudln't be done. Just in case a cat runs away, if should have it's claws to use in case it's attacked. And the other two are simply cruel.

3) If my doing that would benefit other animals and prevent others from dying in the same fashion, then yes.
I'll give you a yes.

Tail docking is sometimes necessary for dogs that will wag their tail up against a wall or side of cage until it bleeds, or they break it. Sometimes certain breeds are more prone to this so their tails are docked shortly after birth because they can't feel anything then. (Just some interesting things I learned from work)
why? you asked no questions and i know she hasnt posted enough yet to make a decision. if i see this again you will be banned from the community for not following the rules.
exactly: she hasn't posted enough.. back when i joined, if you didnt provide enough fascinating information about yourself to get someone interested you, were turned down. that is how it used to be.
no the entire point of this community was to ASK questons. the app is general, the questions are asked to get a better idea of the person. its clearly stated in the rules to ask questions to so that you can get to know the person better to make a sound judgement. if it was based purely on the app and pics then it would be your standard shallow rating community. we rate based on intelligence and personality here....not just beauty.


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You actually have some intelligent reason as for why you said no? I'd love to hear it. -smirks- I hope it's not a shallow reason either - because that wouldn't be in your own best interest - now would it? xD
i don't find brutal honesty to be a unique trait, i don't like linkin park, and the lyrics you posted didnt tell me much about who you are. in my opinion an applucation is your chance to prove yourself.. and i saw nothing that i could relate to nor admired. i wasn't fascinated. i'm sure you are a nice girl, so i will give you a second chance.

why do you want to write novels, and what type?
I don't need your "chances" I've already been stamped.


11 years ago

the same goes for you
Yeah so what's your reason?
alright... what do zombies like to eat? .... and yes
youre such a smart ass....you get to slide just cause i know you know Cori on a personal basis already and dont need to ask a question to know if she fits our criteria or not. cause we already know she does.
Zombies eat brainsss and guts. xD <3
I know I'm a smart ass you don't have to tell me lol and she answered the question appropriatly.. jeez.

yeah you made it girl...mostly cause i know you already and i KNOW you have every single quality needed for this community and we could use you ruthless honesty in here. welcome sweetheart and bring us more blood to vote on!
Thanks a lot, luff! And I definetly will. xD