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The synthetic dream foundation [05 Sep 2010|12:02am]

THE SYNTHETIC DREAM FOUNDATION "they who breathe darkness"

Vain does not mean Beauty

Mythical records ---- Odyssey of rapture [16 Nov 2008|08:01pm]


Mythical records, is now taking pre-orders for their new compilation "Odyssey of Rapture" vol. 1. The album includes dark ambient and gothic neo-classical compositions by Abandoned Toys, Library Tapes, The synthetic dream foundation, Hannah Fury, Samantha Bouquin, and many more great composers/artists. The official release date is Dec. 10th 2008. The full track list includes:

1. David Reyes "The magic woods"
2. Library Tapes "The rivers turned to cobblestone"
3. Abandoned Toys "An expanding tremble"
4. Ephemeral Mists "A pale slumber"
5. Phanatos "Voyage (quest for the shores of aphrodite)"
6. Aranis "Vala"
7. The new pollutants "Kidnap theme"
8. Hana (Jeff Greinke & Anisa Romero) "Hide"
9. Michel Avannier "La rencontre"
10. The synthetic dream foundation w/ Hannah Fury "Trapeze"
11. MePhI "Crystal night"
12. Aonua "Spirit of the deep"
13. Fiona Joy Hawkins "Contemplating"
14. Samantha Bouquin "Tale for a sunken moon"
15. Scythelence "Transparent eyelids"
16. Enigma de Ultratumba "To my unrest"
17. Samanta Ray & Pete Ardron "Interuterion 3"
Vain does not mean Beauty

Capitol Punishment is October 12 @ 1223 in Washington, DC! [21 Sep 2008|11:17pm]


Vain does not mean Beauty

The synthetic dream foundation!!!! [13 Mar 2008|01:19pm]


The synthetic dream foundation has a track on their myspace page, called "Mordor". Does anyone know an album I can find this track on? thanks.
Vain does not mean Beauty

Corrupt my soul. [05 Feb 2007|07:58pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Vain does not mean Beauty

FLORIDAGOTHIC.COM [01 Feb 2007|03:01pm]


Floridagothic.com is a new community based site for all of the gothic industrial scenes in florida to be able to mingle together and let other areas of the state keep up to date with events they might want to travel to. It seems like it will turn into a very cool site. check it out and be sure to join the forum at
Vain does not mean Beauty

Corrupt My Soul [03 Aug 2006|12:32am]

[ mood | calm ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

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Vain does not mean Beauty

Corrupt my Soul [30 Jul 2006|02:20am]

[ mood | happy ]

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Vain does not mean Beauty

hey? [14 Feb 2006|02:23pm]

I used to be a member here; but then I got rid of the use of LJ.
so I slimmed it all down, but I readded this;
If you don't like it, you can delete it.
but it's amusing (to me)

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stamped / cross-posted [26 Jan 2006|05:46pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I can't remember the last time I posted pictures in this community so here are some new and old pics!

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1 Corrupted| Vain does not mean Beauty

[26 Aug 2005|09:22am]
i'm leaving sweethearts.
it was fun while it lasted <3
Vain does not mean Beauty

[25 Jul 2005|05:35pm]

this place is way dead. sorry.
Vain does not mean Beauty

[15 Jul 2005|01:40pm]

I'm leaving majority of my rating communities. Thanx for having me!
Vain does not mean Beauty

a non rating community [25 Jun 2005|02:21am]


xxx vanityCollapse )

Vain does not mean Beauty

corrupt my soul. [20 Jun 2005|02:10am]

[ mood | cold ]


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23 Corrupted| Vain does not mean Beauty

[15 Jun 2005|02:27am]

<*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v205/TabbyCommunities/Poison%20banners/promo2.jpg" alt="title or description" border="0" />
Vain does not mean Beauty

Owner Post [10 Jun 2005|11:08am]

[ mood | angry ]

and i'm reminded why i started this community in the first place...why shallow communities always got on my nerves. and why i love this community so much...and if i see any shallow individuals in this community you shall be kicked and ban. i noticed on some of the apps...that some of you didnt ask a question or did not state why you were rejecting them. the rules state that every member should ask a question of the app...or at the least state a clear and definitive reason for your vote. this is not just a typical rating community...as the user info says if the shallow are not welcome here. go find another community if you fit in with that.

3 Corrupted| Vain does not mean Beauty

Corrupt My Soul. [08 Jun 2005|09:29am]

[ mood | anxious ]


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Owner Pics [08 Jun 2005|09:33am]

[ mood | curious ]

just a few newer pics of me...

when is pretty gonna bleed?Collapse )

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Owner post [08 Jun 2005|06:53am]

[ mood | creative ]

ok...so the community has had a facelift. been awhile since i've changed the layout. also got a new icon, banners, and stamps. all are on the info page. let me know how you like it all. and lets get some new blood in here. promote!

we need more votes on the following
she is at 50/50

ummm...i think that is all....

Vain does not mean Beauty

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